Finding Your Sweet Spot

The Stage
Set your own stage for your own unique talents. (Image: Shawn Ward)

We need to take some time and appreciate who we are. Is it okay to want to appreciate and drive for results to meet someone we admire? Of course. We can still do that and do it uniquely in our own way. We often time do not consider the whole story when we compare ourselves to that example we’re trying so hard to carbon copy.

Take these two things into consideration:

  • Unless  you’re a clone, you’re the first of your kind genetically made; no one has your exact genetic makeup, not even if you’re a twin
  • Your timeline and how you grew up is unique; unless you figured out time travel you’re timeline and experience through time cannot be repeated and therefore has shaped you uniquely

Now that we’ve established you are the first person in the entire world to have your exact genetic make up and experiences you can begin the work of finding your sweet spot.

One way we can start is to drop the idea of living by long-term plans that someone else or some other person is trying to make for us. We need to accept that life is unpredictable. When we do this we open ourselves to opportunities to discover. Don’t assume just because in school you got bad grades in a subject that you’re no good at it. I got average to below average grades in writing, yet here I am running a blog that continues to grow with an audience and viewers.

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy. We let our own attitude prevent us from reaching our fullest potential. If no one has told you this, let me be the first.

Having passions is an essential part of being human. Let no one discourage or convince you that the ones you want to experience or explore don’t belong to you.

Anything that you find yourself lost in, may be a passion. You should explore it. There are times I just get lost in writing these blogs and all sense of time disappears. This is unique when you experience it and should be explored any time you land in it. Asking yourself discovery questions like why you felt the way you did and why all that time went by with out you even noticing, are great starts.

Give yourself discovery time. We give so much other “calendar time” to things that we have to do everyday and our wellbeing suffers because of it. Create possibilities on your calendar to explore. There is at least a hour to two hours everyday I give myself exploration time. It might be reading, gaming, watching a movie I’ve always wanted to watch, or taking a run through a new neighborhood circuit with that time. I make time to create opportunities of discovery for myself. It’s scientifically proven that when we’ve given ourselves an opportunity to discover our passions, the happier we become. The happier we become, the healthier we become.

Speaking about happiness, find out what it means to YOU. Not what someone tells you happiness is. We have to unplug from preconceived notions of what other organizations or institutions tell you happiness is and find it out for yourself. Happiness is super personal and not embracing that idea by letting something/someone else tell us what it is, will limit you from achieving it. Once you do find what your definition of happiness is, schedule long periods of time being in that space with yourself.

I don’t want to steer you away from social opportunities to find your passion and self either. Once we got it narrowed down, a great thing to do is find other social circles  that align with our passions and uniqueness. Having like minded individuals with almost the same passions can lead you to new opportunities. I’ve been researching around my address and city for groups that focus on writing and blogging to join. Finding a “maker” community that aligns to my work can accelerate my time in it and make me much stronger in my unique line of work. Also, we get the added benefit of helping others to get there too.

Allow for your unique talents to be explored, find creative ways to explore the possibilities of your passions so your passions can come to the surface, and exploring with others that have the same passion as you can bring out the best of your true talents. Just give yourself permission to explore it for yourself and then do it. Don’t let others tell you what it is. Allow them to share and ask questions why they believe that, but finding it out for yourself will be truly rewarding.

Hope your start to the weekend is a great one. Get outside and explore. Thanks for reading!

✌ Shawn

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