GTTW: Live Your Truth

It’s there. You’re in reaching distance of hitting your best effort. Then it happens. You lose steam and the drive to get there. Sometimes, it’s just not possible. At the end of the day, you answer to yourself, no one else. That’s the only truth that matters.

Lets start with how much we try to chew off at times. We make intense lists that at times we cause our own short falls because we just don’t make an end  in sight. We try to be the energizer bunny. Only to learn, eventually those batteries are not going last long enough to get us there. Our most important tasks we’d love to feel accomplished in finishing, go unfinished for a long time. Then guilt makes us feel bad about not finishing or getting there.

Our guilt can be a motivator too on the one hand. There are times where I left gas in the tank on some of my races knowing full well I could have given more, but didn’t. The next race, I let that guilt be the driver I needed to deliver a PR. I wanted no regrets that I felt from the last race. In that case, guilt helped me make progress on getting faster.

Living your truth the right way may require you to practice better self-compassion. Be kind and willing to forgive yourself. Doing so will help you negate the effects of getting down yourself and learn from the failure or short fall.

Focus on any accomplishment you had even when you don’t achieve the full scope of the work you wanted. For example, with my running, if I didn’t beat my personal best, maybe I ran a great split for a mile. That energy in that positive amongst a bigger failure shows me that I am moving in the right direction. One day, if I can duplicate a couple more of those splits in the same fashion, I will beat my personal best. We need milestone wins to see what were possible of doing. It’s a chain reaction.

Accept your current situation and place with your goals. Don’t be so hard on yourself that you cannot see accomplishments in-between the hustle. Lastly, remind yourself feeling guilty at the moment at hand, doesn’t help. Develop strategies to leave it behind so you can make steady progression.

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for viewing.

✌ Shawn


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