Out With July 2018

IBtP YoY Comparison July 2018
Growth  YoY for Views July 2017 vs July 2018

Sometimes you can blow away your wildest ideas of what you will become or grow into. June and July typically are my lowest posts as you can see above because I normally take a lot of time with family and my wife in those particular summer months. That said, it’s still really cool to see the views and growth from year to year. My second year of posting and I am half way through the 2018 year. When I run into August and September months, those will be challenging and I am eager to out do myself.

I digress. How much did I grow from July 2017 to July 2018?

  • 37 views in 2017 vs 82 in 2018; that’s an astounding +121% increase year over year!
  • I went from 37 visitors in July 2017 to IBtP to 72 July 2018 in visitors; that’s an astounding +92% increase year over year!
  • I don’t know exactly how many followers I had in July of 2017, but in June I had 52 at the end of the month and now have 70 followers to date; that’s +34% increase month to month

Not bad for a year over year or from month to month in growth. All with out any short cuts or bots to help me out. Just learning from my community of bloggers and social circles. Asking for lots of critical feedback and being okay with what I get back. Lastly, just making sure I had some rhythm to my learning and spending some study time so that I can accurately post a engaging short read that has value.

I’m incredibly humble and thankful for you all. I would like to have more critical feedback in the comments section of my posts so I can continue to give you what might be of some value (my passion is to help others through my own learning and failures) and to grow selfishly myself from your critical feedback on my posts. I’ll need it if I am going to eclipse the fall months ahead of me and duplicate the growth above.

Some themes you can expect from me in August:

  • I’d like to learn more about social leadership and serving my communities; you’ll see a lot from me on this subject more than others below
  • Studies and finds on purpose
  • Studies and finds on creativity
  • Studies and learns on crafting a more compassionate life

TDLR version: Lots of learns around being more compassionate myself and contributing to my communities with more purpose and intention in the coming next couple of months.

Again, thank you all for your views, following, and contributions this past July. You inspire me to continue and keep going.

✌ Shawn

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