Purpose and Potential

Sun Sets.JPG
When the sun sets, what do you have to look back on? (Image: Shawn Ward)

Steve Rose in the following link and article does a great job of putting purpose and passion into perspective. I’d like to showcase now and again my community’s work, which is all really good. And, from time to time impacts me greatly. This one was one of those.

Link: Lacking Purpose? Make Yourself Useful https://socialhealth.blog/2018/08/12/lacking-purpose-make-yourself-useful/

I believe in having a passion. I believe in having a purpose. I also believe when you can marry the two, you’ve given yourself incredible empowerment and incredible use to those around you. I won’t take anything away from Steve’s work. He does an incredible job of doing that. It’s helped me understand my passion a little bit better and given me something that I can apply to put it to use even more.

Enjoy the read from Steve. Write down how it impacts you. Also, give him some comments, let him know how it impacted you. At the end of the day, that’s what most of us on here strive to do. It’s both our passion, our purpose, and how we choose to make ourselves useful to everyone around us with these articles of thought.

Have a great Sunday. Go outside and enjoy the sun along with your favorite beverage. The summer is coming to a close soon 😎

✌ Shawn

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