GTTW: Home

There is a promise there. (Image: Shawn Ward)

“All roads lead to home, we just arrive at different times.” – B.o.B.

We alway have home to look forward to. Even those that might not have a home, find a way to create one. Home isn’t always a physical base at the end of our work to move through challenge, it’s a mental one too. Moving through building resilience, it’s one we can use to move us forward through that work to build our resiliency.

We need each other to make it through. There’s a social home we have in each other that is something incredible to tap into and to learn from. Julian Stodd in his book Social Leadership: My First 100 Days mentions the power resiliency a social group has in this quote:

“True social reputation is resilient: our community will forgive us our mistakes and errors if those are against a backdrop of openness, fairness, and a willingness to learn. Nobody is perfect.” Julian Stodd, Day 50-59

Think about a really close group you belong to. This might be your immediate family. It could be a group you attend weekly that has close friends that get together for a purpose.  It could be one you’re leading at work. Mine is a run group twice a week. Those people don’t judge, they challenge me. We all have a willingness to learn and get stronger in our running efforts together. Together we’ve built a very resilient group and social reputation that attracts others, a home or base to rely in and on. We can attend these social gatherings passively. We have a tremendous responsibility to make it grow and become a home for others.

One of the best exercises of reflection I’ve done and where I’ve realized the power of resiliency was just writing down in a journal three moments this past year where I wish they would have gone different. Two popped into my head immediately from work and one in my personal life. In all three, the way I reacted to the disappointments taught me something personal, staid with me in a permanent way, or was something pervasive. I found some great patterns in the that reflection that told me a lot about the next shot I would take at all three if given the chance again. I found peace and a calm in that reflection moment. A home.

Last point of reference and quote:

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after the night, and spring after winter.” – Rachel Carson, Marine Biologist & Conservationist

If you could have more challenges in your life, would you welcome them? Knowing that there is a dawn on the other side of that black maw you are looking into, would you still move onward? Or, passively hope it to pass on its own?

Happy Friday! Your weekend is in front of you. You made it through the week! Time to find your home.

🙌🏻 Shawn

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