Empathy and Sympathy Not the Same

Wanted to take a little break from resilience this month and share a video I ran across. I’ve been studying empathy and compassion a bit. I came across this video that brilliantly paints a picture between what some people think is empathy, when sympathy is really what it is.

The video itself is about 3:54 mins long and worth the watch. I found myself reflecting and thinking about how many times I thought I was giving empathy when in reality it was not, it was sympathy. Empathy connects, sympathy can drive us a part.

Here’s the video:

Love to know your thoughts. Maybe there was some time where in your social work or personal circles you had an opportunity to connect with empathy. But, you found frustration as well as a bit of defensiveness from the person you were really trying to empathize with because you weren’t really showing empathy, you were showing sympathy. If you’d like, add I to the comments section below. Love to hear your stories

Hope the week is starting off well for you. Fall is here. My favorite time of year where I live. The season takes on a new palette.

✌🏻️ Shawn

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