Falling Into October

Fall transition is my favorite time of year. Love getting into those months. The season changes. The air gets a little bit more crisper and cooler. Living in the Midwest, the changes in the leaves are like watching a Bob Ross episode happen before my eyes. My running ticks up a notch because I just run better in cold and cooler weather. It’s my favorite time of year to run outside.

Wrapping up September, the main theme was resilience for the entire month. I did several topics on that from how to build it to when is over use of it really not good for you. I had about a 10% up tick in traffic from August to September with views, so that felt good. I still felt like I nearly didn’t post enough.

One of my biggest goals I didn’t achieve was evolving the site with a new media element: a podcast. It was the worst case of procrastination I think I’ve had in a while. I’m trying to figure it out. Is it because I just don’t have the time? We always have time, so it’s probably more likely that I just am not making it a priority. And, I’m guessing as I think deeper, I have a fear of failure or a fear that I won’t write as much because of the added work around podcasting. Either way my audience, I’m working on it. Maybe you can vote for me 😏 and help me make this decision?

On to October. October is really going to be a hot mess of different topics again versus the singular one that I had last month. Post everyday November is around the corner. I posted everyday in Nov. last year and I’m gong after it again this year. That requires lots of learning.

FOr October to start, I’m tooling around with some leadership ideas at work that I want to share. A few of my studies that I have with Holstee I’d like to explore with you. This month with Holstee it is all about integrity and being true to one’s self. Is that possible in this new age? Can one be true to themselves and not be judged or pegged? Or, do we have to hide our actual true selves out of fear of being isolated or told we’re not allowed to feel a certain way or experience a certain way?

Short and sweet today, this fourth day of October. Please if there is something you’d rather me discover or dig into that was fascinating to you, I’d love to do that. I just love to learn new and exciting things. My super power is curiosity. I embrace it everyday and it’s never let me down.

Hope you’re month and week is going well. 🍂🍁🍂🍃


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