Couple days ago I hit that 45. Took me a couple of days after to post about it. 45 years has a lot in it. Looking back at my choices and decisions, would I change some of them? No.

I might change the way I did them, but I would not give up the lessons they taught me for anything.

And that’s my point. As we go through the years when do we take a time out to think about what it taught us? What about just the day we wrapped up? Looking back is great to do. Those stories, those failures, those crowning achievements are powerful indicators of future success. They can show us glimpses of our true potential to come or unrealized.

Don’t dwell on them or get stuck there, but do learn from them. DO share them with others that could learn from them. Our history is not just a record of what has happened to us this far; it’s a great way to understand and learn how one thing leads to another.

Listen, life is very competitive and we’re not equally matched to beat it. I’ve found  myself to be freer because I’ve learned from my past.

As an example, I’ve learned that my moral standards are still subject to change over time. Knowing this has helped me determine a better future and be open to other opinions of right and wrong. This uniquely positions me to a place of being unbiased and see things from many different perspectives versus just one. Incredibly helpful when navigating incredible social upheaval.

We will always face challenges; how we handle them determines whether we reach out fullest potential or decay. History does not have to repeat itself. If it is, you might be lingering in it for to long. Find your best self by not failing to respond to your past effectively. Your achievements can live on and provide new foundations for you to excel. Build upon your own heritage and benefit from it.

Thanks for viewing. Hope your week has gone well!

✌ Shawn

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