Same Thing, Different Time of Year

Let’s click in. Take a look inside. We all want certain habits and things to stick in our work lives and personal lives. We have the best of intentions and somewhere along the way we lose the momentum we thought would last forever.

First off our civilization as we know it today wasn’t built in a day, it took years and centuries to be where we are today. We took life in manageable chunks. The mind will always respond much, much better if we take small steps to get where we want to go or be. When you’re thinking what you want to set for that goal make sure you set some smaller categories up for the broader task. You need to establish a super system of smaller habits to get to the bigger one you want to achieve.

Most of the time we fail because we don’t set a system of habits up for achieving what we want. Someone might say for example, I’m going to lose weight by only consuming 1500 calaories a day. Sounds fine, but what are those 1500 calaories a day you’re eating? You have to build smaller habits or a system of well being to really lose weight and keep it off. In this example, same calorie tracking of 1500 calories a day paired up with a physical activity and eating healthy not just garbage for those 1500 calories. Tracking, activity, and eating right are the smaller habits of a system you need to achieve to reach your bigger goal.

This way of mapping out your goals can be applied to anything you want to achieve. What takes it even further is surrounding yourself with like minded people who have tackled what you’re about to tackle. Having a solid support system of people that have been there will just be like pouring gasoline on a fire completely accelerating your work towards achieving what you want. You need a social magnet for your work. Here’s what having a social magnet refers to:

…the magnetic pull that a community can have on individuals, making them less likely to splinter off and abandon the shared goal. Plus, communities usually offer a safe space for people to confront problems they may be otherwise be hesitant to deal with.

Statistics (I know 🙃) show that you will be twice as likely to be successful at achieving your work with like minded people around you supporting your efforts. I’ll take a 2x likely chance to reach any goal, any day of the week. That’s why I really enjoy run groups during training season for my marathons. They push me and keep me accountable to the work. Also, when I run into any injury issues, I have a community of informers I can tap into at any time.

We need to hack ourselves. We’re more motivated when our work can be set into relevant personal context versus over generalized, non-specific ones.

The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men. -Henry David Thoreau

If it’s to easy, then it’s to general. You should feel some developmental heat as you work towards your goal. If it wasn’t hard, why would you even be trying to do it.

Make a road map of your work ahead of you. Applying a system of smaller habits to achieve a bigger one, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and finding resistance in your work to push yourself into your true potential will help you finish what you start. By changing certain actions, you can change and hack yourself to achieve. This isn’t life hacking, this neurohacking. More on that, another time.

✌🏻️ Shawn

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