Planning November Learning

As the snow begins to fall for the first time this season the change is happening rather quickly from fall to winter months. I love it. I’d like to take a little of this post to close out October’s learning and results, then give you some ideas into November I am going to play with.

October was a surprise month for me since my postings were kind of inconsistent. I really only posted when the need to post struck me or or a epiphany struck me in a jarring way. I was missing some focus and intentionality through out October.

Here’s some of the stats from October:

All together, October really surprised and did better than October 2017 overall. Certainly performed better than September 2018 the previous month. As I look through the 10 posts they were really kind of whatever came to mind. The posts that were abstract got less views, while the ones that were focused and had a topic that was authentic got the most views.

Now November, I’m looking to try some different themes for what’s left in the month. I still have a goal of getting a podcast off the ground. There’s a name that’s stuck with me for the podcast in a few posts you might remember called Going to the Well or GTTW. Let me know what you think in the comments below if that’s a worthy one. Maybe you have a better name than I do? Love to hear it.

Last year for November it was a challenge month where I posted at least once everyday for the entire month. December may be that month, but I missed my shot to duplicate it this year with that vacation I had that carried over from October. November this year I consider a gratitude month. I think there also needs to exist a sense of intentionality too as a theme for this month. November is a great month where we reflect on the year behind us and get ready for the one in front of us.

All that said, thank you again for a great month of views and follows in October. I am completely humbled by our 76 followers in just two years of posting. Appreciate you all!

I’ll close out with this lone buffalo I shot on the snowy fields of Yosemite. Check in soon!

✌🏻 Shawn

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