Your Mind or Your Body?

There is not many of us that take really good care of our bodies or minds until it’s to late. We definitely take them for granted in our younger years until we get older and start to realize we are not built like we used to be. Or, we don’t bounce back from injuries like we used to because we didn’t regularly change the oil.

But, what if you had to choose which? What if you could choose which one aged and which one stayed young? What if at the age of 80 you could keep the body or the mind at age 30? Which would you choose? Which would you want?

Me? I would want my mind. The way that technology is accelerating we’ll design some kind of exoskeleton or machine that will help us walking or mobile if our body can’t stand up to the years. But the mind? That’s really hard to replace. Even with the advancements in AI and machine learning, it’s still an incredibly long way off from being the equal to the human mind.

But, it’s a thought and reminder for me to take care of both. I think the better question we need to ask ourselves is what’s one thing we can do starting today to take care of ourselves better? Of our mind and body? We only get one and it gets older by the day. You need both.

When it comes to the mind I take care to give it a good night’s rest. Spend time meditating so I can get rid of things and not hold on to them. Also, to keep it sharp and aware by reading everday. Finding a space to learn or read, engaging the mind with something new keeps it active. Indulging in my pull to be curious more often. Sometimes, just to day dream and let my mind wander.

When it comes to the body I try to eat right and fair. I have a gym membership I try to engage. I use a health tracker to keep myself aware of what my body might be telling me. Every few days I weight myself to see what my weight is and BMI, again to be aware. Lastly, I take my heart and blood pressure on a pretty regular basis to see how healthy my heart is.

There’s is lots of simple ways we can take care of our body and minds. They’re equally important to try and keep healthy. You want that long life and to enjoy it. We have to have purpose and intentionality in their upkeep. Do it before it gets harder to build great habits in keeping healthier.

✌🏻 Shawn

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