Paveant, The Ghost

Fear when understood can shape us and sharpen us. It also, if we let it, can be what stands between us and the brilliance of an unlock. Inner fear is one of the most career/personal limiting factors we can face. The ghost of something completely horrible that is going to happen as a consequence of something. It is said that fear is the No. 1 enemy to creativity. Paveant (a Latin word for fear), the ghost.

Fear to me means go. It’s a key indicator for me of the direction I should be going. If I fear it, it’s because I lack the understanding and perspective of the true effort needed. I’m missing the scope of the work I’m about to be involved in. It creates an instant curiosity and learning in me. Fear creates a wanting in me to figure it out versus giving into a flight response.

“Fear is a compass. An indicator of the direction you should go in if you want to become the person you have the potential to be.”

Our fears are all different and different based on the situations we find ourselves in. Not feeling like we can love again after a particular bad break up, with out being hurt. Fear we’re not going to measure up to our friends or co-workers efforts. Fear we’re not experienced enough to make a difference in a new line of work. Fear of not being a great parent for our children. So on, and so on.

Fear has been my best guidance. What’s the most challenging thing your doing right now? Think about it through these filters next time you feel fear creeping up on you.

Lean in if you’re afraid. Some of the best ways I’ve moved to go time have been when I just embrace that it’s there versus hide or try to bury it. There’s a mediation I’ve heard that teaches you to embrace anxiety versus try to dismiss it or pretend it’s not there. Shake hands with fear.

What’s your intuition tell you about the fear that you have? Is it something you need to have where the fear is really something to listen to? Are you in danger and it’s your inner Spider Sense (Couldn’t resist a Spider-Man reference, bit of a comic geek.) going off telling you to be watchful or careful? Or is it fear that’s anchored in ignorance? Telling the difference between good fear and unnecessary fear can be a game changer.

It’s a true gift, open it and go. As stated above, fear is a compass. Embrace that as a great gift in direction you should be moving towards, not hiding or covering it up. You gut is trying to tell you something and that radar is great stuff to have versus being numb to it or ignoring it.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come you strength.” – Sigmund Freud

I’m interested in what you are afraid of? Please, if you feel like you can or want to, add it into the comments section below the post. Together, maybe we can figure it out or give someone else the confidence to figure out their own fears.


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