7 Point Saturday 👨🏻‍💻

First 7 Point Saturday of the month. I’ve been in a few things this past week.

  1. I already posted this one, but Booker has some incredible experiences he gets himself and his family into that you will just enjoy watching. Beer Mail is a personal fav because I love craft beer. Then the one I posted Exploring Wrigley is also a fav too not to be missed if your Cubbie and Northsider.
  2. Love this article on Marvel Blockbusters from HBR. Interesting to learn how the big movie machine works. Inside and outside, once you have the attention you have how do you top yourself? Great business model and now Disney+ is behind it too. 22 films that have now grossed over $17 billion! 😮
  3. Have you ever thought about that day in your career that you’re going to eventually not be your best? I have. This was interesting on how to prepare for that. More importantly how to learn from it, not even really prevent it. Your professional decline will happen. It’s a long read from The Atlantic, but a good one.
  4. Just wrapping a great book for a summer fun read that is now a TV show called the Rook by Daniel O’Malley. Super good story and a lot of interesting possibilities. The show which you can find on STARZ is a lot different then the book. Emma Greenwell is a solid lead in the show and plays the character well from the book.
  5. Been rocking Uncle LL for a minute. Brings back the days (dating myself here) of break dancing parties I use to attend. Amazing how music has the power to just bring up such clear memories. The best LL album ever is right here. Bigger and Deffer indeed!
  6. Hurricane Dorian displaced a lot of people and families. I have no idea how many animals and family pets were displaced by this ragging storm that impacted so many. There is a bit of good news that can often be found in others as they try to help others recover. I like to find good news where humanity is at their best. Phillips, your just a solid human.
  7. I’ve been bingeing on Netflix with the Dark Crystal TV Series. Super good. Again, another memory nudger from my childhood days. Jim Henson was a genius for coming up with the original movie from 1982. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is all the original puppetry with a touch of evolution and new tech. It’s also a prequel to the 1982 movie. I’m taking my time watching this series.

That’s my 7 from this past week. Hope you find yourself curious enough to to check some of it out and click in. Let me know what you think.

✌🏻 Shawn

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