My Hope and Implicit Promise

For the longest time I can remember I have had this insatiable desire and drive to leave people in a better place than how I find or meet them. This blog is an effort to share what I learn about them and what I’ve learned from them about myself as I take it all in. My hope is that as you read them, they can change you, give you a greater perspective at how important a human you are to those around you.

There are two new sections that I am adding in June and July of 2018.

The first is Going to the Well, a new place for me to post what I learn from my activity of running. I get so many ideas and thoughts on my runs. It’s therapy. At times, most of what I find in those times are great best practices and learns that can be applied in any form of work/life. Many times these will be quick thoughts that land in quick <1 minute digestible reads. I hope you find motivation and learning in them.

The second in late July will be my first podcast. These will be similar to the 2 minutes or less analog blogs I post up, just in a format that is something you can take with you on a active day through your headphones or in your car on the commute to and from or even in the office when you need to take a break, taking in something else.

This is year three for me in 2018, it’s time to grow.

Thanks for taking the time and I would love any shares you have.