Retool Daily

I've written about the reboot before. Subconsciously we do almost everything on auto pilot. Including our worst behaviors. Hard to change that when you don't really stop to think about it and dig in to change yourself. It's not the mistake that's bad. It's the chain of self-destruction when we continue to make that bad … Continue reading Retool Daily

Embrace the Suck

Do not ever settle for second best in yourself or your work. Our lack of ambition can be a life experience killer and keep us from truly seeing the best version of ourselves. We need to be obsessed with our ambitions. Until you do that you're going to leave great powers, passion, and limitless rewards … Continue reading Embrace the Suck

A Better You and Me

Less is more. So they say, yet we don't really learn. We pile on more than we can handle. I did it to myself today with work. I had this grand vision that I could get all this stuff done, and probably only got about two thirds of it done. Why do we do it? … Continue reading A Better You and Me

Do Terrible Work

Wait, what? You can't build a brand in yourself or for those that you are reaching out to if you are not willing to start. To put it all out there. You might as well have not done anything if you are to afraid to at least put it all out there. Work through resistance … Continue reading Do Terrible Work

Nurture That Self-Esteem: Day 28 of 30

With our tendencies to flip into social media and fake news as ways to nurture/validate our self-esteem, today's post I felt is super important and relevant. Like any other muscle in our body we need to work at our self-esteem to keep it alive and healthy. But in a world that continues to encourage amorality … Continue reading Nurture That Self-Esteem: Day 28 of 30

Adopting a Curious Mindset: Day 21 of 30

If you spent any time with my 5 year old nephew he would blow your mind with his insatiable energy around being curious in everything he sees and touches. Any number of things can spark his curiosity. Will he still have this attitude when he gets older? My own history moving into a adulthood says … Continue reading Adopting a Curious Mindset: Day 21 of 30

Free Yourself From Your Ideas: Day 8 of 30

The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena. - Tim Cook There are times like today, I get so married to my own ideas I end up putting them on a pedestal that no one else can touch. Those times are my least creative moments … Continue reading Free Yourself From Your Ideas: Day 8 of 30

Stir it Up: Day 7 of 30

I learned that if I don’t have something to challenge my mind it potentially just kind of falls apart. I become aloof. I lose major productivity points. Settling into comfortable routines, my thinking starts to become stagnant and rigid. One of the things I said I like to do a few days back was make … Continue reading Stir it Up: Day 7 of 30