Your Moments

FOMO. Fear of missing out. It's real. We don't live in the moments enough that we are given. Those very small significant moments that define us. The ones that can bring about the very best version of ourselves if we let them. If we could just be present long enough to notice the pattern before … Continue reading Your Moments

How Well Are We? How Well Do We Want To Be?

How well we want to be is really dependent on us. We can say others or other situations we may be in are to fault, but ultimately control lies in ourselves. I want to explore more than 2 months into our new year some this idea of personal wellness. Wellness of course is all-encompassing and … Continue reading How Well Are We? How Well Do We Want To Be?

Approach Each Day as a Surprise

The sun is new each day.What would be different if we approached each new day with surprise and wonder? Yet, we leave our ground hog goggles on and somehow blame everyone else for our condition that we have complete control over. In our most repetitive habits, if we could just bring an attitude of surprise … Continue reading Approach Each Day as a Surprise

4 Seconds

Take three breaths, in and then out. That's about 4 seconds. Our brains scientifically need 1-2 seconds for an urge to react to move past our amygdala (our monkey or reptile brains) and reach our prefrontal cortex where rational thought can take over. Today's world, the action now world, makes this super hard. We've been … Continue reading 4 Seconds

What Have You Done With What You’ve Been Given?

Gifts, are they really ours to keep to ourselves? Do we have a responsibility to humanity to share our gifts with others? Or, do we keep them to ourselves? Is that selfish thinking? I believe we serve two masters: ourselves and others. Sometimes the first one rules over the other. I serve myself by being … Continue reading What Have You Done With What You’ve Been Given?

Arrogance is Your Undoing

Success is great. I love it. When you hit that moment you've been fighting all day, week, month, and year for it feels incredible. Repeating that success over and over again, even better. But its dangerous. I'm not saying you cannot be successful. I'm saying beware of how it can change you. We can be … Continue reading Arrogance is Your Undoing

Time Will Tell

  My last post was 2/7/2018 over almost two weeks ago. I went ghost with posting and writing. Sometimes with your craft and work, its the best thing you can do. What I have been up to during that time? Several things actually. Studying subject matter and ingesting just about everything I can get my … Continue reading Time Will Tell

Finis (No, It’s Not Missing a “H”)

We're to hard on ourselves. We often times convince ourselves that if we don't have some measure of perfection in our work, it's not worth it. Anything less than perfect is a failure. We talk ourselves out of what might be one of the biggest break throughs of our careers or lives. The first thing … Continue reading Finis (No, It’s Not Missing a “H”)