Your Capacity

Hitting a perceived ceiling or capacity, stinks. You hit that ceiling and not long after doubt your ability to deliver. Capacity may seem like it's something that you cannot improve or increase. However, nothing could be a greater misconception. You can, with a little focus on some key capacity builders, consistently increase your capacity for … Continue reading Your Capacity

Don’t Die Inside While You Live

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live. One year ago today I started this journey of blogging. Here's what I've accomplished: 810 views Generated views/visits from 27 different countries around the world; over 584 visitors Impacted over 237+ people as they left … Continue reading Don’t Die Inside While You Live

Finish Line: Day 30 of 30

I made it! 🎯 30 days of writing a blog everyday. Some where terrible and got no views, others were pretty amazing and I surprised myself with what I could accomplish. I recommend doing it to anyone whether you're an aspiring blogger/writer or not. As my previous post (day 29) states, challenging yourself is a … Continue reading Finish Line: Day 30 of 30

Nurture That Self-Esteem: Day 28 of 30

With our tendencies to flip into social media and fake news as ways to nurture/validate our self-esteem, today's post I felt is super important and relevant. Like any other muscle in our body we need to work at our self-esteem to keep it alive and healthy. But in a world that continues to encourage amorality … Continue reading Nurture That Self-Esteem: Day 28 of 30

Your in the Driver Seat: Day 24 of 30

Down to my last 6 days of the challenge. All I can say is WOW, that went by fast. However, it's been really a great challenge and one where I have learned a lot about me, my writing style, and where my passions are. We seldom have an opportunity presented to us that challenges us. … Continue reading Your in the Driver Seat: Day 24 of 30

The Good and the Bad: Day 16 of 30

Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them. - Seth Godin From our mistakes, greatness can come. But, only if we listen to them and learn from them. Edison said when asked by a reporter if he failed 1,000 times. Of course I didn't fail Edison states, the light … Continue reading The Good and the Bad: Day 16 of 30

Discipline: Day 15 of 30

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. - Lincoln Officially hitting the half way point in my challenge to make a post for everyday this month, it's really been all about discipline. What can discipline teach us is whether are passionate about something to see it carried through. That … Continue reading Discipline: Day 15 of 30