Innovation Is Our Success

Most of us are capable of being more innovative than we demonstrate. Most if not all of us at some point were taught to be restrained, narrow, focused, hesitant, overly cautious, conservative, afraid to fail, and completely unwilling to make a fool of ourselves. This can bring a very chilling affect to an innovative spirit … Continue reading Innovation Is Our Success

Can You Step Into the Same River Twice?

The simple answer is no obviously. Even if you thought there was some creative way to do it, you wouldn't be able to. New sediments come in and out. The waters we first step in move on and each time we go in, it's different water we step into. It's not possible. So, why do … Continue reading Can You Step Into the Same River Twice?

My 7 Year Old Self

Move into your goals with intention. When we do, it's so much easier to find the energy and motivation to continue on. I've learned from several of my blogging peers, books I've read, and podcasts talking to a younger or older version of yourself can help. I decided to check in with my 7 year … Continue reading My 7 Year Old Self