Choose To Be Here

Photo by Pixabay on It's the day. Rather it's the eve to the day. The day that so many plan how they're going to be different and better. What happens is another story. We can get so caught up in reflecting on the past work to set the future work, we forget to be... Continue Reading →

Out With July 2018

Sometimes you can blow away your wildest ideas of what you will become or grow into. June and July typically are my lowest posts as you can see above because I normally take a lot of time with family and my wife in those particular summer months. That said, it's still really cool to see... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Sweet Spot

We need to take some time and appreciate who we are. Is it okay to want to appreciate and drive for results to meet someone we admire? Of course. We can still do that and do it uniquely in our own way. We often time do not consider the whole story when we compare ourselves... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

Just a short time out to say thank you for the following and reading. I appreciate you more than I think you realize. You motivate and make me accountable to my craft. You push me to come up with new and different experiences and learning so that I have content to post here weekly. You... Continue Reading →

Rage Agility

I'm going to deal with rage in this one. My angle isn't going to be the typical one. More about the control of our negative emotions so they can be allowed to enhance and be the catalyst versus a detractor. With rage and anger so relevant in this age of instant access, self-awareness and our... Continue Reading →

Your Moments

FOMO. Fear of missing out. It's real. We don't live in the moments enough that we are given. Those very small significant moments that define us. The ones that can bring about the very best version of ourselves if we let them. If we could just be present long enough to notice the pattern before... Continue Reading →

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