7 Point Sunday 2.21.21

List this week is completely based on what I found that was interesting to me as it related to Black History Month. Most are longer reads than I would post, but they deserve the read. Settle in. Racism, You Think You Get It. But You Don’t (22 min) This has two in one. A video... Continue Reading →

The Well Podcast: A New Trailer

Hey Well listeners! Got some great feedback that the trailer kind of stunk for the first one I had. Hope this one hits the mark a little closer to what you'd want to hear as a first listener. Feedback was great! So thanks for that. Here's the trailer: Check out my podcast, The Well, on... Continue Reading →

Happy or Joy?

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com Through my Well-Being course I've been learning a little about the science of happiness. It's been really cool to explore. What I did not realize is that there is a difference between joy and being happy. They are not the same. I looked for some content that frames this up... Continue Reading →

The Great Think

Photo by YURI MANEI on Pexels.com What's possible? Have you stopped long enough to breath let alone give that some space to branch? I would recommend returning to our roots where the Greeks, Romans, and the time of Enlightenment that's all they had time to do. What happened? Yeah, I get it, evolution. Industrial revolution.... Continue Reading →

Quote Roulette #18

Photo by Deeana Garcia on Pexels.com "The future, including what's left of today, is a blank canvas. What will you create?"- Michael Hyatt So true, but in the present moment we often cannot see it that way. All we can see is what we're reacting to. We are getting pwned literally by what we're caught... Continue Reading →

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