Excited for May Posts

Hello May! With the spring rains and snow over I'm sprinting into May with lots of excitement. Going to move into some themes for the first few weeks in May. I'm going to start with a week covering intentionality. The purpose of life is to live, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out … Continue reading Excited for May Posts

What’s Important NOW! Mid November Check In

Six weeks until Christmas! 🤔 Unreal how the days and months fly by. Middle of November and moving into Thanksgiving week next week. Lots to be proud of in where I am this month with my goals personally and professionally. IBtP. I started off the month putting myself into a position of a 30 day … Continue reading What’s Important NOW! Mid November Check In

What’s NOW! October End of Month

Hello October and the end of the month! I didn't expect October to end so quickly. Maybe that's because I still thought it was summer with the unusually warm weather I've been experiencing in this part of the world. Also, the end of the month I had a week (this past one) that I just … Continue reading What’s NOW! October End of Month