Going to the Well


GTTW is here! The first post went live June 8th, 2018 GTTW: There’s Always Something

The new section to IBtP I hope to add is going to be called Going to the Well which is about what I learn from my active lifestyle that can be applied to anything. I learn so much from pushing myself physically and get so many great ideas that have applications in work/personal spaces. Sometimes those are learned from my own discoveries, sometimes they are learns from trainers I follow or listen too, and even lots of time from complete failures.

Honestly, they’d be great to share or learn from for anyone. So, it’s time to give it the space it deserves. You don’t have to be active or a runner to hopefully appreciate what I post. It’s just a platform for me to share what I learn through extreme challenges.

I made it really easy for you to find the posts. You can find the in the categories on the right of the home page on the blog labeled GTTW. Also, with the shortened version of the name “GTTW” you should be able to just hit the search bar, type in the GTTW, and get them all in chronological order as needed. You also will tell them a part by how I end the page. It will have the goal emoji 🙌🏻 versus the ✌🏻 peace/victory in front of my name. You could even search by that and find the GTTW posts.

Last thing, THANK YOU! You’ve given me the courage to grow with your views and follows from IBtP. I hope that continues and I hope you get a lot of this new addition to the page. Love to take any feedback in the comments as always, negative or positive are always welcome!

🙌🏻 Shawn