It’s Just Needed More Than Ever

Compassion: recognizing that the person is in pain (sympathy), feeling the pain of another (empathy), and the authentic desire to alleviate their suffering. As you can guess, we're moving into the compassion deep dive for the theme of this week. In our world environment right now, whether at work or our personal, compassion is an … Continue reading It’s Just Needed More Than Ever

Your Table

It's pretty simple a table won't stand effectively with three or less legs. It usually will topple right over. Your table needs legs. You habits are the legs to your table which is your intention. Our long term success towards being effectively intentional as we move to those goals we want to achieve require certain … Continue reading Your Table

Adopting a Curious Mindset: Day 21 of 30

If you spent any time with my 5 year old nephew he would blow your mind with his insatiable energy around being curious in everything he sees and touches. Any number of things can spark his curiosity. Will he still have this attitude when he gets older? My own history moving into a adulthood says … Continue reading Adopting a Curious Mindset: Day 21 of 30

Imagination: Day 12 of 30

Remember the stories we created when we were to young to know better. They were real. We could feel it in everything around us. Possibilities. Realities that for others around us were just fabrications. Flawed or not, we didn't care. Blanket forts were castles and kingdoms. We owned it. We were doctors, lawyers, or architects. … Continue reading Imagination: Day 12 of 30

Free Yourself From Your Ideas: Day 8 of 30

The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena. - Tim Cook There are times like today, I get so married to my own ideas I end up putting them on a pedestal that no one else can touch. Those times are my least creative moments … Continue reading Free Yourself From Your Ideas: Day 8 of 30

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness, self-awareness, is one of the hardest dimensions of wellness to master. Some people are instantly great at recognizing when they are angry or have been triggered or know what makes them anxious. Others, are really bad at recognizing their own feelings and those of others. This aspect of your emotional wellness is very … Continue reading Emotional Wellness

What’s NOW! October

Hello October! Although it doesn't really grab me like October should. I expected October to grab me with colder weather, beautiful changes in tree colors/leaves, and just overall transition to something different. Still, as I end one year of my life and head into another, it's all about perspective. Wrapped another year in my life … Continue reading What’s NOW! October