Take the Swing | In-Between the Pages

Swing for the Fences (Image: Shawn Ward)

Do not expect to slam a home run if you are not willing to step up to the plate and swing. The old saying goes, you can not catch any fish unless you put your line in the water.

This applies to that one idea you have always wanted to drop, but didn’t. It doesn’t count as reality until you take a good punch at it.

If want to be a runner, then go run. Run everyday. Run a 5k. Join a run group. Go and qualify for the Boston Marathon. Start now.

Many of us like to live to much of our time and energy on that island where ideas go to die. It’s called “someday island.” Someday I’ll get off the couch and run a 5k. Someday, not today, I’ll get myself together and download a app that will help me start somewhere with my goals to run a marathon. Don’t wait for the idea to happen, make it happen.

A great adman, Carl Ally puts it like this:

Either you let your life slip away by not doing the things you want to do, or you get up and do them.

It’s really that simple. We, however, make it much more complex than it needs to be. We build these walls around our idea and someday becomes no day.

We’ve been talking a lot about problem solving and getting through blockades in our minds this week. I wanted to end this week’s series with this simple idea that if we want something to come into reality, all we have to do is take the first step. It always is the hardest one to take. Here’s how you can start:

  • What are the three things you can do to reach your goal?
  • How great is your sense of urgency?
  • What can you do in the next five minutes?

That home run is yours, take the swing. If nothing else, you will learn what your capable of and some of your limitations. It will help define you and give you a sense or direction for next steps. No one has ever lost by trying. It’s a win, win every time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the series of three posts this week. Here is the other two from earlier this week again. Because they are all based on problem solving, you can read them in any order you want.

Are You Solving the Right Problem? 

Ignoring Your Gut is Like Not Breathing 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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