Finish Line: Day 30 of 30

To Finish There Has to Be a Start (Image: Shawn Ward)

I made it! 🎯

30 days of writing a blog everyday. Some where terrible and got no views, others were pretty amazing and I surprised myself with what I could accomplish. I recommend doing it to anyone whether you’re an aspiring blogger/writer or not. As my previous post (day 29) states, challenging yourself is a great thing to do. You don’t get to do the best work of your life with out taking a challenge head on.

Doing this challenge taught me a lot:

  • There are days you just want to give up. Powering through it, I found those to be the best posts that I put up. I found out really quick my limitations were not limitations.
  • There a clear themes through out my posts. Those themes are the things and behaviors I am most passionate about bringing to life. That’s why they came to the surface most often. In essence, that was my subconscious coming into my conscious.
  • Not bragging here, but I have shown anyone can be creative. I came up with 30 different posts, everyday. A month of being creative. It felt great and often times was the best part of my day.
  • It really does take 30 or more days to feel a habit take hold. It got easier once the habit was established to sit down and do it daily. I also found I had a rhythm, time of day, and setting that was the most optimal for my work to be the best.
  • I’m smarter because of it. For many of the posts, I had to do some research before I just put it all out there to be consumed. That research has stuck with me. That won’t change, my curiosity is awake. I am more learning agile than before I started.
  • Along with curiosity I am more mindful. To come up with the topics, I had to be really present in my day to get ideas to write about. Each post was triggered by something that I had paid attention to in the day and needed to explore. It was a great practice in being more mindful.

There were many more. This month the site broke many records. The most views by almost double over any other month. I doubled the amount of countries I could impact with my reach. And lastly, I got some new followers, almost tripling what I had from September to November.

That leaves me with one more thing to say. Thank you 🙏

Thank you for following me, viewing me, and some for leaving comments that fueled me on. I appreciate the accountability everyone has shown me and challenged me with. You’ve helped me to become a better blogger. I will do this again. I will also do it more than once a month going into the new year of writing and sharing. I am better because of the passion I feel to deliver something useful to you and leave things better than I have found them one word at a time.

✌🏻 Shawn

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