Bye, Bye August 2018 It’s Been Real

August 2018 IBtP Scoreboard (Image: Shawn Ward)

Well that went faster than I thought it would. Some facts about my growth over the last month:

  • Flat for traffic and views from August a year ago. Exactly a match. August is the last of my slow posting months with September about to get more frequent.
  • I had a goal to get at least one episode of a new podcast that tied to the site up and I did not make that goal actually happen. I got the app I’ll be using (Anchor) picked out and the name of the podcast: Notes from the Pocket
  • Still maxed out at 70 followers. Gained a few and lost a few because of lack of posting. You held me accountable, understood.
  • 7  different countries tuned in: US, Canada, UK, India, Hong Kong, China, and Ireland. Still amazes me at the power and reach someone can have with a tiny little blog.
  • Most popular blogs last month as by most viewed:
  • Themes I got into this past month:
    • Studies and finds on purpose
    • Studies and finds on creativity
    • Studies and learns on crafting a more compassionate life

Overall, being a slow month off posts for me, a solid month in topics and writing. What you can expect from me in September.

Themes: Resilience, social leadership, reflection.

I got a sweet subscription to and got a lot this past month I picked up to study and work through. There will definitely be some influences from them going into my work. Outside of that, September is the start to fall for me so resilience really makes sense. I build and prepare for winter. The next 6 months will be the busiest for me both at work, home, and writing. And that podcast! I cannot wait to see what you think of that.

To kick September 1st off, here’s a great little video (7 Mins) about resilience. I’ve shown this one before. Bonsai master Ryan Neil shares his passion and his practice of the art. This video is all about resilience.

Time plays such an incredible role in shaping our character and who we are. Looking at the way time impacts us is an incredible way of looking at resilience.

The best comment from Ryan:

A master is somebody who every single
day tries to pursue perfection at their
chosen endeavor. It sounds beautiful and
it sounds simple when you think about
being a master. Okay, every day I’m going
to do this and I’m going to try to do it
my best. Well there’s a lot of days that
you don’t want to go do it and there’s a
lot of days that you would rather take
the shortcut. Then do it as well as it
could be done and better than the day
before and know that tomorrow you’re
going to do it better than you did that
So, I think a master is somebody that
has the work ethic, that has the
discipline, that has the passion and has
the talent you know to do what they do
every day incrementally better until the day they
A master doesn’t retire. The master
doesn’t stop. They do it until their debt is paid and it’s a part
of them. It’s who you are.
😮 WOW. Resilience. Respect that line. Work ethic and discipline. A master doesn’t retire. A master doesn’t stop.
Here’s to September! Thanks for hanging out and viewing.
✌🏻 Shawn

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